Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dog Trainer Saves Dog With CPR

A man breathed life back into a seemingly dead dog, and it was all captured on video.

Ron Pace, owner of the Canyon Crest Training Center for dogs in Tacoma, Wash., didn't even hesitate when one of his K-9 students, Sugar, suddenly collapsed.

"I noticed right then he wasn't breathing," Pace said.

The facility began recording the incident to give to the pooch's veterinarian.

The dog trainer quickly begins chest compressions on the 4-year-old Boxer, the nearly eight-minute-long video shows, while Sugar's owner, Tiffany Kauth, cries hysterically off-camera.

Pace admitted he did not know how to perform CPR on a dog. The video shows him pushing down on the animal's chest several times before adjusting its tongue, holding its mouth shut and breathing once into its nose.

"It may have not been the correct way to do it and the way that they teach," Pace said. " it's the outcome that's what was important."

After a few more chest compressions and almost two minutes of not breathing, Sugar's chest can be seen rising and falling again in the video. A few minutes later, with his owner beside him, the dog stands, clearly frightened after his ordeal.

"He's amazing," Kauth said of Pace, who has been training dogs since 1976.


  1. That's some dedication. That guy loves his dog.

  2. That's awesome! I often wondered if you could save animals with CPR.

  3. great vid, thanks for posting!

  4. Great post. This shows the change in society from 50 years ago, when pets were simply that. Pets. Minor emotional connections, and NOBODY would ever do something like this!

  5. um.. yeah. im not sure if i know what was going on if my dog did that. but now i do know. I got two Brazillian filas, Bulldog, and a Beagle. They are hilarious and totaly loyal. THANKS

  6. I remember hearing about this a little while back, and I was very impressed! I think the dude got a date out of it too...