Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the give away thread

ok this is the give away blog
so we are giving away 3 prices

what you have to do is link us to your pets in a crazy pose we give the entry´s an number and let choose 3 numbers and of those 3 numbers
we give out a 1e price 2e price and a 3e price

i have a list of followers who have followed me from the beginning the 106 followers that i have are capable of winning the prices other followers have to wait to the next give away

the give away ends on 7 march

this are the prices you can win
1e price a dog or cat bed
2e price a laser toy for cat or dog
3e price an ingraved dog or cat collar


  1. I am the first commenter so I win?

  2. ahh if i had a pet i would participate!

  3. Here's Max letting his big 'ol tongue hang out:

    Max and I taking a nap together:

    Leo sleeping in my spot under my comforter with his head on MY pillow:

    Last, but not least, Max with his favorite toy - his Nylabone:

    First to follow the rules!

  4. my two bulldogs would love those beds. aha

  5. No dogs for us yet :(

  6. That leash looks nice.

  7. Laser toy looks interesting. :P

  8. Great idea! Will post the photos soon.

  9. so far only one entry by WagDatto so if you want some prices enter

  10. Does it have to be my own dog? Cuz I don't have one yet :(
    Or can I enter my friend's dog on his behalf?

  11. Dont you think spending money on pets is a little...redundant? I mean, they wont appriciate it, thats for sure!

  12. I LOVE the beds! Too bad I dont have a camera :(

  13. i will post the winning person in a new thread tomorrow but you can guess who won